Hand – a) A player’s set of cards b) A craps shooter’s series of rolls until he sevens-out, also called his ‘shoot’.

Hard Hand – A blackjack hand without an eleven-count Ace; The opposite of a Soft Hand.

Hard Way – When two of the same number on the dice combine for a total of 4, 6, 8 or 10.

Hardway Bet – A craps wager predicting that the shooter will roll a certain total with a two-of-a-kind before rolling a seven or rolling the chosen total with two separate numbers.

Hardway Hop – A craps bet predicting that the shooter will roll a certain total with two-of-a-kind on the very next roll, also called ‘hardway on the turn’ or ‘one-roll hardway’.

Hardway on the Turn – See Hardway Hop.

Head-up Game – A gambling game with only two opponents, such as a blackjack game with just the dealer and a player.

Heel a Bet – To shift chips on the bottom chip, in order to distinguish the bet from other bets previously made.

High Hand – One of the two hands a Pai Gow player divides his four dominoes into.

High-Low – A craps bet on the totals of 2 and 12.

High-Low System – The most standard way of blackjack card counting, in which each card is either +1, -1, or 0, also called the plus/minus system.

High Roller – A high-stakes gambler.

Hit – To have another card drawn from the deck to add to a blackjack hand.

Hold’em – A popular form of poker in some casinos.

Hole Card – The dealer’s second dealt card, which is placed face-down.

Hop – A craps wager predicting that a certain combination will come up on the very next dice roll.

Horn Bet – A single roll bet with individual wagers on each of the totals 2, 3, 11 and 12.

Horn High – The same as a horn bet, only one of the wagers is one unit higher than the other three.

Hot – What a player, casino table, deck of cards or dice is called when they are experiencing an extended winning streak.

Hot and Cold System – When a gambler bets in favor of the side that won a previous hand, in hopes of riding out a winning streak.

House Edge – P.C. or the mathematical advantage the casino has on every wager, also called the Casinos Advantage.

House Odds – The ratio that the casino pays off a winning bet.

House Special – A five number roulette bet predicting 0, 00, 1, 2, or 3 will win.

House Ticket – A special keno ticket, which is offered at one casino, and no other.

Inside Bet – A roulette wager made within one of the six central numbered portions of the layout.

Inside Numbers – The craps box numbers of 5, 6, 8 and 9.

Inside Ticket – The original keno ticket the player submits their wager with.

Insurance – A blackjack wager predicting that the dealer is holding a natural. 

Juice – The five percent commission the casino collects on craps buy bets and lay bets, also known as the vig, or vigorish.

Junket – When a casino arranges for a group of players to gamble at their establishment.

Junket Master – The supervisor of a casino sponsored junket excursion. 

Keno Board – Where the keno numbers of 1-80 are shown for selection.

Keno Counter – Where tickets with wagers are submitted and where keno winnings are collected.

Keno Lounge – Where Keno is played.

King Number – A circled single number to be played with the other numbers marked on the ticket. 

Labouchere System – When a player uses a series of numbers to wager with, and adds numbers with each loss, canceling some with each win.

Ladderman – Casino employee who oversees baccarat games.

Lay Bet – A bet against the shooter on a craps box number, which the house collects a 5 percent commission from, but pays at True Odds if won.

Laydown – A wager.

Layout – The diagram illustrating the different bets on a gaming table.

Lay the Odds – Any blackjack card counting system that is less involved than some that use as many as seven different point values for various cards; A less advance system that only uses +1, -1 and 0.

Line Bet – A roulette bet, predicting one of six certain numbers will win.

Live Crap Number – The individual craps combinations that pay off for the don’t-pass bettor, either 3 and 12 or 3 and 2.

Long End – A wager that has to pay more than it will be able to collect.

Loose Machine – A slot machine that has been set to return a high ratio of money compared to how much it takes in – the opposite being a tight machine.

Low Hand – The other hand, not the high-hand, in which a Pai Gow player divides his four dominoes.