Early Surrender – A once available option in blackjack in which a player could resign a hand and still receive half of his bet back, even if the dealer had a possible blackjack.

Eastern Craps – A type of craps that does not allow come bets or place bets, also called New York Craps and Five Percent Craps.

The Easy Way – When two contrasting numbers on the craps dice combine to make 4, 5, 8 or 10.

Eighty-six – When a casino prohibits a player from gambling in their premises.

En Prison – A roulette feature in some casinos, which allow a player who has lost money on an even money bet to regain it on the next spin.

Even Bet – A roulette wager predicting one out of the eighteen even numbers will win.

Field – Numbers on a keno ticket that are circled and meant to be played with the King numbers indicated on the ticket.

Field Bet – A winning craps wager if the shooter rolls a total of 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12 on the next roll. The bet loses if a 5, 6, 7 or 8 is rolled.

15 Across – In craps, a set of place bets that cover all of the box numbers for 3 units, excluding the point number.

First Base – The seat to the immediate left of the blackjack dealer.

Flat Bet – a) The portion of a craps wager that is paid off at even money, and not true odds. b) When a blackjack card counter makes the same wager on each hand, no matter the count.

Floor man – A casino executive who is in charge of observing play.

Free Odds – A craps wager that is on the point roll, and made by a player with a an active pass or come bet in which the house pays true odds on.

French Wheel – A roulette wheel without a double zero.

Front Line – Where the player places his wager on a craps table, in order to bet in favor of the shooter; Also called the Pass Line.

Front Money – A gambler’s deposited money, which is drawn to play with.

Full Odds – The highest amount the house will allow on a free odds bet that is in proportion to one’s line bet.

Get Out – When a player successfully breaks even after going through an intense losing streak.

Ghost – A blank stop on a slot machine.

Goose – The odd-shaped device used to select keno numbers in the drawing.

Grand Martingale – The system which has the player double his bet plus one unit after each loss.

Greens – Twenty-five dollar casino chips.

Grind – A gambler who bets small amounts.

Grind Down – When the casino wins all of the players money over a long period of play; This is the House Advantage well at work.

Grind Joint – A casino specifically tailored for small bettors.

Grind System – When a player increases their gambling wager by one unit with each win.

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