Cage – Where players exchange casino currency for cash.

Call Bet – A bet made verbally, without placing money on the table.

Call Down – Also known as a take-down, this is when a player retracts a wager before its fate is decided.

Caller – a) The dealer in baccarat, who directs the activities of the players. b) The announcer in Keno, of the twenty selected numbers.

Cancellation System – A gambling system in which the player adds to a series of numbers after each loss, and crosses out numbers after each win also known as the Labouchere system.

C & E – A craps combination wager of an any-craps bet and a bet on the total of 11, otherwise known as craps-eleven.

Card Counting – Keepin track of what cards have been played in blackjack, also known as casing the deck.

Carousel – A connected oval of slot machines, sometimes with a jackpot.

Casing the Deck – See ‘card counting’.

Casino Host – A casino executive who courts high-rollers with VIP treatment and complimentary services in order to keep their business.

Casino Manager – The chief casino executive in charge of keeping all of the games on line and in running order.

Catch – When a players number matches the casinos drawn number in a keno selection.

Chase – A player who is losing, and who attempts to recoup losses by raising bets.

Check Rack – Where the dealer hods his supply of chips.

Checks – What casino personnel call ‘betting chips’.

Chop – A run of neither party really losing or winning more than the other.

Clocking – When a player keeps track of the outcomes of casino games.

Cocked Dice – When both dice land up against a surface, rather than flat on the craps table.

Cold – When either a player or the table is having an extensive losing streak.

Column Bet – A bet that one of 12 numbers that are in a row, will win in roulette.

Combination Ticket – A keno ticket that has several simultaneous bets of different varieties.

Come Bet – A bet predicting the craps shooter will win the next roll if it is a come-out roll.

Come Odds – A wager on what the come-point will be when the player has made a come bet. This second variation will be paid by the casino at true odds.

Come-Out – The first dice roll that decides the outcome of the pass-line bets.

Come-Point – The number that must be repeated in order to achieve a winning come-bet.

Commission – The 5% that the casino collects on all winnings from the bank hand in baccarat.

Comp – Complimentary or free items and or services casinos give gamblers in gratitude for their business.

Condition – The type of Keno wager with notations made in the right margin of the ticket.

Conditioning – The process of writing out notes on a keno ticket, in order to clarify the types of wagers being made.

Corner Bet – Otherwise known as a square bet or quarter bet, predicting that one of four specified numbers in roulette will win.

Counter – A blackjack player who keeps account of what cards have been played.

Counter Catcher – A counter who has been hired by a casino to sniff out players who count cards, and to keep those players from playing.

Crapless Craps – A version of craps in which the totals of 2, 3, 11 and 12 count as point numbers.

Craps – Totals of 2, 3, and 12 in a craps game, which cause the pass-line to lose.

Craps Eleven – Equivalent to C & E, this is a wager that combines the total of 11 with the any –craps bet.

Credit Line – The maximum amount of credit the House will give a gambler. 

D’Alenbert System – A betting system that has the player increasing his wager by one unit with each loss, and reduce his wager by one unit with each win.

Dead Table – A gamble table not receiving business.

Desperado – An extremely reckless gambler.

Dice Boat – Where the unused dice in craps are kept.

Dice Buck – The marker used to signal where the point number is on the layout, by using an ‘on’ or ‘off’.

Discard Rack – Where used cards are put during a multiple-deck blackjack game.

Do Bet – A craps bet that favors the shooter over the House, also known as a right bet.

Don’t Bet – A wrong bet or a craps bet in favor of the house, as opposed to the shooter.

Don’t Come – A craps bet predicting the shooter will lose the next roll after the come out.

Don’t Pass – A craps bet that the shooter will lose.

Double Down – To make a second bet on a player’s blackjack hand, in which the player only receives one additional card.

Double Exposure 21 – A version of blackjack, in which the dealer must face both of his cards up.

Double Odds – A free-odds craps wager that is double the amount of a player’s line bet.

Double Progressive Slots – Slot machines with two separate growing jackpots which are won separately.

Double-Up System – When a player doubles their wager with every loss – also known as the Martingale System.

Down With Odds – An option for a player who’s come bet has been moved to the same number as his place bet. At this point, the player can have his place bet returned after enough has been subtracted to make his come bet free odds.

Dozen Bet – A roulette bet predicting one of twelve numbers in a sequence will win.

Draw Ticket – How the house identifies the player’s copy of the winning ticket.

Duplicate Ticket – An outside ticket that the player uses somewhat like a receipt.

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