Across the Board – A craps bet for the numbers in all the boxes.

Act – The façade a skilled blackjack card counter uses to throw off casino personnel.

Action – The amount of money being wagered over a period of time on a certain game, or at a certain casino.

Action Player – A gambler that has an intense playing schedule, and who bets large amounts of money.

Aggregate Limit – The casino’s limit of money that they are willing to pay on a single keno drawing. Normally, the limit is set at $50,000.

All-King Ticket – A keno ticket with nothing but individual numbers that are circled in order fo them to be played in all of the possible combinations together.

Any-Craps – A craps wager or bet that the shooter will, on the next toll, hit a total of 2, 3, or 12.

Any-Seven – A bet that the craps shooter will roll a total or 7.

Back Line – The area in which a player betting against the craps shooter, places a wager on the craps layout.

Back the Bet – To make a craps free-odds bet.

Backtrack – The outer rim of a roulette wheel that is stationary, and where the ball is spun.

Bank – a) The individual who covers all of the bets in a gambling game. B) A group of slot machines which are linked together.

Bank Hand – The second hand a player receives out of the two hands he is dealt in baccarat.

Bar – a) When a casino retricts a player from the use of their games, otherwise know as “86”.

Barber Pole – When a wager contains two or more intermixed, contrasting denominations.

Basic Strategy – The system of playing blackjack by taking into account the value of the player’s hand, and the dealer’s up-card.

Basic Ticket – A keno ticket with a single wager of one to fifteen numbers, also known as a straight ticket.

Behind the Line – The money wagered when a free-odds craps bet is placed behind a Pass-line bet.

Bet Against the Dice – A craps bet that the shooter will lose.

Bet With the Dice – A craps bet that the shooter will win.

Big 6/Big8 – A winning craps wager when the shooter rolls a total of either 6 or 8 before rolling a seven.

Big Six Wheel – A large wheel with posted money amounts around the border to be played in a carnival-like fashion.

Black Bet – A roulette bet that at least one of the eighteen black numbers will win.

Blackjack – Also called a natural, this is a perfect blackjack hand with an Ace and a ten-value card.

Blacks – One hundred dollar value casino chips.

Blower – The device used to air-mix and select the twenty numbered ping-pong balls for the drawing in Keno.

Book – When a player covers a bet that another player wished to make.

Bottom Track – The inclined surface of a roulette wheel that the metal ball slides down to reach the numbered slots.

Boxcars – A craps dice total of 12.

Boxman – The casino employee that oversees a craps game.

Box Numbers – The craps totals, which are displayed in the row of boxes at the top of the craps layout.

Break – In blackjack, to bust, or go over 21.

Break the Deck – To reshuffle the cards before continuing to play blackjack.

Burn – To discard certain cards before dealing hands in blackjack or baccarat.

Bust – See ‘break’ – Going over 21 in blackjack.

Buy Bet – A bet on a craps box number that the House charges a 5% commission on, and then pays off at true odds.

Buy-In – a) When a player purchases chips immediately before playing a game. b) The total amount of chips purchased at the start of play.

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