17. Bayonetta Platinum Games’ hack and slash masterpiece finally makes it to the PC and it’s delivering in more ways than one. Back with amped up graphics and 4k resolutions, the seductive witch has opened into yet another worldwide success. Slip into her iconic heels and whip your hair against the city’s poor angels. An award-winning title made even better, it has a PlayScore of 8.84 16. SteamWorld Dig 2 Just one of many eShop releases for the Switch, the 2D action adventure digs out of their earthen world and into the console lineup. Play as the steam-powered robot, Dorothy, as he takes the helm of the underground escapade. It’s got the same steampunk feel to their world, but it’s back with more delightful metroidvania fun. A solid second installment, it has a PlayScore of 8.85 15. Dark Souls III The final curtain in what is now known as FromSoftware’s genre-defining hit. This third installment of the Dark Souls series is a culmination of the series’ best features. Enter their Hidetaka Miyakami’s nightmarish universe, and wallow in the sweet, sadistic glory of their stamina-testing combat.

A fitting end to a renowned action RPG series, it has a PlayScore of 8.85 14. A Hat in Time An absolutely adorable 3D platformer that gladly steps in for the Super Mario Odyssey void in the hearts of PC gamers. Crafted in much the familiar Nintendo games of old, A Hat In Time tells the story of a charming little who stitches up wondrous powers with the power of hats! Help her conquer the trials of a vast fantastic planet, with a PlayScore of 8.87 13. Opus Magnum An independent game studio known for their remarkable engineering puzzlers, Zachtronics pulls out all the stops to bring us the programming simulation we never thought we needed. Scoring an impressive 10/10 on Steam, it’s their most accessible title yet. Master the art of transmutation as you design, build, and carry alchemical solutions to answer their myriad quests. Topped with a rich storyline filled with volatile dangers, it has a PlayScore of 8.9 12. Gorogoa Annapurna Interactive squeezes out another outstanding puzzle game, this time sprinkled with the hypnotic aesthetics of Jason Robert’s artstyle.

Easy on the eyes but no so much for the mind, Gorogoa will challenge you to use your imagination. Arrange their illustrated patterns into their correct orders and let your creative juices flow. It has a PlayScore of 8.91 11. West of Loathing Don’t be fooled by this game’s sly looks. It might look like just some college animation project, but West of Loathing packs one hell of a comedic punch. A role playing game set in the Wild Stick Figure West, meet their diverse cast of characters and traverse their monochromatic open world with their varying abilities. A slapstick open world adventure, it has a PlayScore of 8.91 10. Subnautica Enter the realm of Poseidon as Unknown Worlds Entertainment introduces us to the secrets of an undiscovered abyss. An open world survival game set in exterrestrial seas, exploration forms the heart of this underwater adventure. Unravel the mysteries of their strange oceans and survive the dangers that may come along the way.

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